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Title View Date
Equities Weekly: Stocks Rally On FOMC [20 Mar 15] 281 March 24, 2015
Market Valuations as of 20 March 2015 134 March 24, 2015
Plantation Sector Woes Continue 648 March 20, 2015
Equities Weekly: Equity Markets Correct Slightly Before FOMC [13 Mar 15] 348 March 17, 2015


Funds That We Recommend

We have selected a range of recommended funds that invest into the sectors that we have frequent coverage of. These funds are selected based on their performance vis-à-vis peers over the medium to long term, comparison of their expense ratios with their peers and the fund's resiliency during periods of market downturns. We have a more detailed write-up on why we like these funds; click here to find out more.

Portfolio Name IRR (%)
Aggressive (Islamic) 1.9
Balanced (Islamic) 2.5
Conservative (Islamic) 3.8
Conservative 4.1
Moderately Conservative 3.4