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Equities Weekly: Developed Markets Rebound [21 Apr 14] 60 April 23, 2014
Market Valuations as of 18 April 2014 132 April 21, 2014
Equities Weekly: Developed Markets Correct [15 Apr 14] 357 April 16, 2014
Our Take on the Recent Tech Selloff 451 April 15, 2014


Funds That We Recommend

We have selected a range of recommended funds that invest into the sectors that we have frequent coverage of. These funds are selected based on their performance vis-à-vis peers over the medium to long term, comparison of their expense ratios with their peers and the fund's resiliency during periods of market downturns. We have a more detailed write-up on why we like these funds; click here to find out more.

Portfolio Name IRR (%)
Conservative 1.9
Moderately Conservative 2.5
Balanced 3.8
Moderately Aggressive 4.1
Aggressive 3.4

After understanding our research methodology and market views, the next step would be to form a diversified portfolio which consists largely of our recommended funds. We started these portfolios on 20 November 2002 with $20,000 and added $1,000 to these portfolios on a monthly basis. The returns shown here are calculated based on the internal rate of return (IRR) approach, which takes into account the monthly cash flows added to the portfolio. IRR figures are as at end August 2008.