5 Signs Your Left Chest Pain Is A Heart Attack

When is a chest pain harmless and when is it really a heart attack?

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When does a chest pain signify something serious? While chest pains are not always a heart attack, they are often used as an indicator for one. However, how much do we actually know about the symptoms and warning signs of a heart attack? While we may have seen movie scenes where a person having a heart attack dramatically falls to the ground while clutching his/her chest, the reality may differ. In fact, some heart attacks are silent and less dramatic with symptoms differing between individuals.1 In this article, we point out 5 signs to look out for if you suspect yourself of having a heart attack.


#1 Pressure or tightness in your chest or arms

Chest discomfort is typically associated with a heart attack with this discomfort located in the centre of the chest. This may come in the form of pressure, tightness, pain or a squeezing or aching sensation and is not limited to just the chest areas. Discomfort can also spread to your arms, neck, jaw or back.2 Heart attacks involving chest discomfort usually lasts more than a few minutes and may go away and then return. However, as women can experience heart attack without experiencing a chest pressure, the lack of it does not rule out the non-existence of a heart attack.3


#2 Shortness of breath

Another symptom of a heart attack is the shortness of breath when you have trouble breathing and are left gasping for air. This may be experienced with or without chest discomfort and may be accompanied with extreme fatigue. More commonly experienced by women, these warning signs may begin a few months prior to the heart attack.4


#3 Extreme fatigue

Fatigue is a less commonly recognised warning sign with some misdiagnosing them as flu-like symptoms. However, if you are having a heart attack, you may feel extremely tired as your heart is under more stress as it tries to pump to areas where blood flow is blocked.5Therefore, if you regularly feel exhausted and are experiencing fatigue out of the norm, this may be a sign of an underlying issue.


#4 Nausea or abdominal pain

Digestive problems such as nausea, indigestion, heartburn or abdominal pain may also be an early warning sign of a heart attack. This is because while chest pain is usually severe, some may only experience minor pain that feels similar to indigestion.6 Burping and vomiting may also accompany these symptoms.7


#5 Cold sweat or light headedness

Another early warning sign of a heart attack is sudden dizziness or light headedness. This occurs when your heart is not able to pump as per usual, which may then result in low blood pressure or poor blood circulation thus causing light headedness. Additionally, if you are breaking out in cold sweat or sweating more than usual, this could also signify an impeding heart attack.8 If you experience these along with any other symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.


If you are worried...

If you are worried about your family's finances should you unfortunately have a heart attack, consider using a critical illness policy.

Critical illness policies provide coverage for 36-39 critical illnesses of various severities along with additional coverage that is dependent on the insurer. In the event of a claim, a lump-sum pay-out will be given. This pay-out could then serve as an income replacement while the insured is in recovery or supplement any outpatient or long term medical care costs. This allows you to safeguard your family's interests and ensure that they are financially able should anything untoward happen to you. Additionally, you may also wish to protect your family by equipping them with critical illness coverage as well. This allows them to receive additional coverage that could help with to cover any loss of income or potential outpatient medical costs.


Critical Illness policies are suitable for:

  • Comprehensive critical illness coverage, up to 39 critical illnesses of various severities, along with additional coverage dependent on insurer
  • Income replacement
  • Pay for unforeseen expenses that are not covered by medical card


Critical Illness policies are not suitable for:

  • Death coverage
  • Wealth accumulation


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