5 Things You Need to Know about ManuProtect Term Plan

We list down 5 things you need to know about ManuProtect by Manulife, which is our first online insurance product on Fundsupermart.com platform.

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We list down 5 things you need to know about ManuProtect by Manulife, which is our first online insurance product on Fundsupermart.com platform.


What does ManuProtect cover?

MANUPROTECT is a non-participating yearly renewable term plan that provides coverage on Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Accidental Death Benefit.

For Accidental Death Benefit, this plan pays up to 200% of the face amount.

Type of Coverage Amount/Face Amount (RM)
Natural Death Basic Face Amount
Accidental Death 200% x Basic Face Amount
Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Basic Face Amount
Optional Critical Illness Rider 30% of Basic Face Amount

ManuProtect can be purchased 100% online and no medical examination is required.


Why I need ManuProtect?

ManuProtect provides coverage up to RM600,000. You may use this amount to cover your outstanding debt such as a housing loan in the event you passed away or become disabled while the policy is in force.

Besides that, you can increase your existing coverage for better protection. For those aged 20-35 years old, non-smoker looking for a RM100,000 coverage amount, the monthly premium is equivalent to a cup of your regular Starbucks drink (please refer to the illustration below for premium).


How much do I pay?

ManuProtect offers very affordable premium. Below are the monthly premiums for male and female, non-smoker at varying ages looking for a coverage amount of RM100,000.

Age Sum Assured: RM100,000 (Non-Smoker)
Monthly Premium (RM)
Male Female
20 17.68 9.83
25 17.68 9.83
30 17.68 10.21
35 17.68 12.09
40 22.15 14.98
45 33.59 21.13
50 53.97 31.95


Why Purchase ManuProtect through Fundsupermart.com?

1. Enjoy greater savings on Unit Trust sales charge under FSM Rewards Program Plus+ status

The Plus+ status rewards investors who have an insurance policy with Fundsupermart, with more discounts on unit trust normal sales charge. For example, Gold+ plus status investors enjoy 0.75% discount when they invest in unit trusts as compared to investors with the Gold status who enjoy 0.50%. For more information on FSM Rewards Program, click https://www.fundsupermart.com.my/insurance/fsm_rewards_program.

2. Enjoy lower sales charge rate when you invest in unit trust via Regular Savings Plan

If your insurance premium is RM250/month, you are entitled to enjoy 1% sales charge as you signed up for a Regular Savings Plan of RM250/month in unit trusts. For more information on this, read Insurance and Unit Trust Regular Savings Plan (RSP) Bundle.

3. ManuProtect Campaign from 2 July 2018 till 1 October 2018

The first 200 customers who sign up will get a Touch ‘n Go card worth RM50. Read Manulife ManuProtect Campaign for more information.


How to Purchase ManuProtect?

1. Go to ManuProtect product page to check monthly premium under the Buy Online section.

2. Click the “Buy Online” button and login to your Fundsupermart account.

3. You will be directed to Manulife’s ManuProtect website to continue the application by submitting your details.

4. Make a payment online to Manulife with credit card/debit card.

5. You will receive an e-policy sent to your email address from Manulife.

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