How Do You Know If You Are Immune to Cancer?

1 in 4 Malaysians expected to be diagnosed with cancer by age 75. Can you be certain that you would not be affected by critical illnesses within your lifetime? Are you able to take on the financial burden even though your income has dropped but the medical costs have increased?

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You may be thinking, immunity and cancer do they even exist together? Is there such a thing?

For now, there isn't anyone who can be absolutely sure that cancer will not happen to them at all. Our medical advancements may make it a reality someday, but until then we cannot take our chances and hope that this will never happen to us.

#1 One in four Malaysians expected to be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 75 years

Based on recent statistics by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Malaysia has 100,000 people suffering from cancer of various types and stages. These are the top five cancers suffered by Malaysians:1

Five main cancers:
1) Breast Cancer (14.5%)
2) Intestinal Cancer (12.1%)
3) Lung Cancer (11.85%)
4) Cervical Cancer (5.70%)
5) Throat Cancer (5.4%)

Having an unhealthy lifestyle can increase the risk of getting cancer. According to the AIA Healthy Living Index 2016, health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke are Malaysian’s top concerns but only 46% of Malaysian adults had a medical check-up done in the last 12 months.2

A general word of advice, if you find anything unusual with your body, seek proper medical advice. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (or any critical illness for that matter), the better your chances of making a good recovery.

#2 Almost 50% of cancer patients in Malaysia experience financial difficulties

Based on the ASEAN Costs in Oncology (ACTION) study by the George Institute for Global Health, the report highlights that 45% of cancer patients suffered from financial catastrophe one year after diagnosis, while 11% did not make it past the first year.3

Cost of private medical treatment, which can be very expensive, especially with hospitalisation and surgery. According to a recent report by Mercer Marsh Benefits, healthcare inflation in Malaysia stood at 11.5% last year — the third highest out of the 11 Asian countries and this is projected to rise to 12.7% this year.4 Most of the cancer patients have issue with high out-of-pocket expenses for treatment such as ultrasound scan, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biopsy and others.

Therefore, it is important that medical expenses are well-covered by health / medical insurance, so the patient can focus on their rehabilitation.

#3 How much does it cost to cover for critical illness?

In general, most people would look to cover for 2 -5 years of their annual salary, which coincide with their recovery period. A good figure to start with is RM100,000, which can help cover a person with RM2,800 monthly income for 3 years.

Let's say, you are currently performing the role of a sales director, and the onset of cancer significantly affects your ability to perform your role. You may need to get an extended period of rest and recovery which will significantly reduce your income. With the ongoing therapy, it is almost a certainty that your savings will be quickly depleted during the most trying time of your life.

With a medical card and/or critical illness plan, it can help to cover hospitalisation costs and ease your financial burden. In the event of a covered critical illness being diagnosed, a proportionate lump sum will be paid out that can help cover your outpatient treatment, medication, nursing, daily survival and living expenses.

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