Smoking: It Affects Your Health and Wallet

Smoking causes cancer and cancer is one of the top five causes of death in Malaysia. At FSM INSURANCE, we strongly recommend that you take charge of your life and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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We all know the effects of smoking and the good old saying that smoking causes cancer. Still, we believe it does not hurt for another reminder to be given here.

HEALTH ASPECT: 8 Things You Should Know About Lung Cancer1

1. Lung cancer is the most lethal cancer for men in Malaysia

Every year about 1,900 cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in Malaysia. The second most common cancer among males it is however the most lethal, killing more patients than any other cancer.

2. Lung cancer is not smoker's disease only

23 million people in Malaysia are non-smokers. Unfortunately many are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke, making them second-hand and third-hand smokers. Unfortunately, these are also risks for lung cancer.

3. It is never too late to stop smoking

Almost 40% of Malaysian men smoke. Quitting has immediate benefits - blood pressure and pulse rates start to normalise after 20 minutes. After ten years of quitting, former smokers cut their risk of developing lung cancer by up to 50%.

4. Return of your appetite after quitting is proof that your nerve endings are active

48 hours after you quit smoking, your smell and taste senses improve and nerve endings become active.

5. Lung cancer can be detected

Lung cancer can present in many ways. Symptoms may differ and include a persistent cough, hoarseness of voice, blood-stained phlegm, chest pain, shortness of breath and unintentional weight loss.

6. Lung cancer can be prevented

Smoking cessation interventions can be effective in all sexes and age groups. You can start by using nicotine replacement therapies and/or counselling. The most important aspect of quitting is to start doing it, which begins with psychological determination.

7. Treating lung cancer cost you more than quitting smoking

Treating a lung cancer patient costs an average RM 44,725 per year per patient. Treatment options for lung cancer include surgical removal of the cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of treatments.

8. Quit smoking reduce the risk of getting lung cancer

Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of getting lung cancer by 80% in men and 50% in women.


Just think of the time away from work and family that a smoker habitually takes. Assuming it takes 10 minutes to finish a stick, one who indulges in a pack a day would have burnt 200 minutes of his time in isolation from his family, provided that he is considerate enough to step away and not harm those around him. That equates to more than 3 hours of bonding time gone to ashes.


For one who smokes an average of 5 packs a week, the annual expenses on cigarettes alone should amount to about RM4,420. That is to say one can basically save RM88,400 over 20 years by not smoking and this is not even taking into consideration the ever-rising cigarette prices. Smokers are also at a disadvantage where insurance premiums are concerned especially for life products. The disparity between the premium rates for smokers and non-smokers for a premium term of 20 years coupled with the money not spent on cigarettes as mentioned earlier, the total savings can really be substantial.

While there are insurance products available to provide coverage against the expenses incurred when one is diagnosed with cancer or other critical illnesses, still it is unnecessary to give ourselves a reason to accelerate the need to make that claim. We have to be responsible for our own well-being.

Critical illnesses may be suffered over a long period with prolong recuperation process as well. The procedures may involve major surgery that may drain your finances and affect those around you.


At FSM INSURANCE, we would strongly recommend that you take charge of your life and lead a healthy lifestyle. Cut down or stop smoking totally, if you will. Think of the health, social and financial benefits that come along as a quitter, for once.

Stay healthy. Save money.

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1Source: Cancer Research Malaysia

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