Would You Ever Try Bungee Jumping...Without A Rope?

Bungee jumping is exciting, it gets your adrenaline pumped up. However, have you ever wonder why it is important to have proper safety checks in place before the jump off?

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If you said yes to that, please visit your nearest general practitioner immediately. You might need a really good break.

But really, if you wouldn’t try bungee jumping without a rope, why would you live your life without proper insurance coverage? It’s like jumping off the bungee bridge and hoping the ground or river can cushion your fall. You might get away if you’re lucky enough, but most of the time you’ll just leave a person sized hole in the ground.


The unexpected always happens, it’s just a matter of when

Everyone knows that life isn’t a bed of roses. What they don’t tell you is that when misfortune strikes, it hits you with a bone shattering sledgehammer.

We hope that misfortune never besets upon us. But the reality of life is such, that no matter how well prepared you are, you simply can’t anticipate the actions of others around you. So it is natural when life changing events happen to you that a sense of disbelief and resentment seeps in (and probably a little sense of helplessness), be it a car accident, a bad fall, an unexpected growth discovered during your next medical check-up, or the loss of a sole breadwinner in the family.

Such events are never wanted in life, but it is never a question of whether it will happen. Similar to a black swan event, no one is able to anticipate the occurrence. However, with proper financial planning and the right insurance coverage, you can lessen the impact of any financial burden that may occur when you least expected it.


The bounce back

So you are free falling, your feet bound together with the bungee rope, waiting for the inevitable tug to occur. You stare into the fast approaching ground, silently hoping (we know what you are really thinking!) that you will not plant your face deep into the waiting ground below.

Then, it happens. The sudden braking is felt throughout your entire body as it comes to a halt. With the ground’s sudden embrace being a distant possibility, you finally allow yourself to breathe a sigh of relief (or exhilaration whichever you want to call it!)

Proper planning and insurance coverage is like the bungee rope, helping you bounce back up after the long fall. The truth of the matter is that any person who have gone through a life changing event, will need time to recover and reconcile with themselves. It is understandably a difficult time for anyone, as we are only human. With your financial needs properly covered, it is one less burden to worry about where you can concentrate on getting back on your feet.


Being able to live life to the fullest

Reaching back to your hotel room, you connect with your family through facetime or webcam, sharing with them the wonderful experience of your first bungee jump. Your jump instructor just sent you the photos, memories of your adventure, and you look at your family’s smiling faces happy that they are safe at home.

Ultimately, it is the assurance that you can live life to the fullest knowing that your family and loved ones’ financial well-being is taken care of.

Just like there many different types of bungee rope; you can have a normal, thick or multiple bungee ropes to get the job done, there are many available insurance products that can help to cover your various financial needs.

Here at FSM Insurance, we walk with our customers through their life’s journey. Our team of friendly advisers are able to help you review your financial objectives, long term commitments, and customize investment and insurance advice specific to your needs.


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