What It Covers

MANUPROTECT is a non-participating yearly renewable term plan that provides coverage on Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Accidental Death Benefit.
For Accidental Death Benefit, this plan pays up to 200% of the face amount.


Type of Coverage Amount/Face Amount (RM)
Natural Death Basic Face Amount
Accidental Death 200% x Basic Face Amount
Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Basic Face Amount
Optional Critical Illness Rider 30% of Basic Face Amount
Note: Please refer to the policy contract for details of covers/benefits


Coverage Type

Yearly Renewable Term Plan

Coverage Term

Up to age 80

Premium Type

Regular Premium (Monthly / Yearly)

Payment Method

Credit Card / Debit Card

Eligibility & Age Requirement



Entry Age (next birthday)

Minimum Age:17
Maximum Age:60

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  Will I enjoy the Plus+ status under the FSM Rewards Program when I buy ManuProtect through FSM?

Yes, you will enjoy the Plus+ status in FSM Rewards Program to have further discounts on unit trust sales charge and managed portfolio subscription fee when you buy ManuProtect through FSM.

  Am I entitled to the FSM Insurance cost saving benefits - 30% in commission rebate when I buy ManuProtect through FSM?

No, as this is a commission-free product.

  How to buy ManuProtect online through FSM?

  1. Select your criteria and sum assured to find out the total monthly premium at the “Buy Online” section above.
  2. Click the “Buy Online” button if you wish to purchase ManuProtect and key in your basic personal information.
  3. You will be directed to ManuProtect website. Continue the application by submitting your details on the website.
  4. Make a payment online to Manulife with credit card or debit card.

  When will I receive my policy contract?

When you have successfully purchased ManuProtect, you may click the Download Policy button to download your e-policy. The e-policy will also be sent to your email address you provided during your appplication.

  Do I need to go for a medical check-up?

No medical check-up is required.

General Disclaimer:

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