What it covers

MCIS Ikhtiari Plan is a comprehensive group scheme that provides coverage for Death due to all causes, Total and Permanent Disability due to Illness or Accident, 36 Critical Illness, Funeral Expenses, Maturity Benefit and Hospitalisation Income. This plan also has a Deposit Administration (DA) benefit where part your premiums are saved in a fund and accumulated at the company’s declared interest.

Covers Coverage value How does it work?
Death due to all causes RM100,000 You receive one lump sum based on sum assured and corresponding Deposit Administration Fund (DA) Benefit.
Total and Permanent Disability before the age of 65 You receive 10% of sum assured immediately followed by the 90% balance one calender year later.
36 critical illness You receive one lump sum upon diagnoses of any one of the 36 critical illnesses and corresponding DA Benefit.
For angioplasty and other invasive treatment for coronary artery, payment is limited to 10% of the sum assured, subject to a maximum of RM25,000.
Death due to Accident or RM100,000 You receive 100% sum assured and corresponding DA Benefit.
Bodily Injury due to Accident
Hospitalisation Income RM100/night You receive an admission allowance if you are admitted to any government or private hospitals. Maximum of 365 days per policy lifetime.
Funeral expenses RM2,000 A lump sum amount will only be payable together with death benefit.
Deposit Administration Fund (DA) - A percentage (to be determined by Benefits purchased and the nature of the group) of all premiums received prior to the Termination Date and all interest and terminal interest (if any) declared up to the Termination Date.


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  Level Premium

Premium remains the same which is RM100/month throughout coverage term.

  Easy Sign - Up

Apply IKTHIARI from the comfort of your home with easy - to - use, guided application process.

Before You Apply

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Only for Fundsupermart.com account holders who are at least 18 years old and below 60 years old (next birthday). Only for Malaysians.

  Coverage Period

Till 65 years old.

  Premium and Payment Method

RM100 per month for RM100,000 sum assured.

  • You have to make premium payments throughout the policy term.
  • Pay premium monthly.
  • Pay by credit/debit card only.

  Can I surrender my Certificate?

Yes. You can surrender the certificate anytime subject to a surrender charge on the Deposit Administration Benefit as shown below:

Duration Surrender Charge
(as % of Deposit Administration Benefit)
*Below 3 years 50%
3 to 5 years 20%
5 years and above 10%

*From the commencement date of the certificate
There will be no surrender value if the premium is not paid at least 12 monthly premiums to MCIS Insurance within the Grace Period.

  How long can I received the document once policy accepted?

If your proposal is accepted, the Certificate will be issued within 14 business days upon completion of all documentation, including medical, if any, and the full payment of the first premium.

  Why it is important to making nomination?

For a non-Muslim certificate owner if you nominate your spouse, child or where there is no spouse or child at the time of nomination, your parent, a trust is automatically created in favour of the nominee(s) under subparagraph 5(1), Schedule 10, Section 130 of the Financial Services Act 2013.

  1. For policies referred to in Clause 20 above, appoint a trustee for the policy monies failing which, the competent nominee(s) shall be the trustee. The permission of the trustee is required to revoke a nomination, adding a nominee other than your spouse, child or parent under the policy, varying or surrendering the policy or assigning or taking policy loan.

  2. Certificate owner cannot appoint himself as the trustee.

  3. A nominee(s), other than a spouse, child or parent, under subparagraph 5(1) of Schedule 10, Section 130 of the Financial Services Act 2013, shall receive the policy monies payable on the death of the certificate owner as an executor and not as a beneficiary under Subparagraph 6(1), Schedule 10, Section 130 of the Financial Services Act 2013 and shall distribute the policy monies according to the prevailing law i.e. the Distribution Act 1958. A nominee of a Muslim Certificate holder upon receipt of policy monies as an executor, shall distribute the policy monies in accordance with Islamic Law;

  4. If your intention is for the nominees to receive the policy monies and if the nominees are not your spouse, child or your parents, then you are advised to assign the policy benefits to the nominee(s) instead of executing the nomination.

Important Notes

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There are certain conditions whereby the benefits under the plan will not be payable. Click here to find out more. Note: The list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the Policy Document with the Master Policy Holder for the full list of exclusions under this plan.

  Free Look Period

You are entitiled to a 15 days "free look" period from the date of receipt of this Policy. During this 15 days period, if you decide to cancel the policy, MCIS Insurance will refund all the premiums paid less any medical examination costs incurred by the Company.


  1. This website provides a brief description of the insurance product and is not a contract for insurance. Please refer to the policy contract for further information as the exclusions and limitations highlighted are not exhaustive.

  2. You should satisfy yourself that this plan best serves your needs and that the premium payable under this certificate is an amount you can afford.

  3. The cessation of premium payment before the premium payment term may lead to an early termination of your coverage.

  4. If you terminate your certificate in the early years, you may get less than the amount you have paid. Surrender value is payable upon termination provided he/she has paid at least 12 monthly premiums grace period.

  5. Buying insurance policy is a long-term financial commitment. You must choose the type of policy that best suits your personal circumstances. You should read and understand the insurance policy and discuss with the financial advisors or contact the insurance company for more information.

  6. There is provision for nomination. You are advised to nominate a nominee and ensure that your nominee is aware of the policy that you have purchased.

  7. You are advised to note the scale of benefits for “Accidental Death or Total Permanent Disability” under Schedule of Compensation.

  8. Should you require additional information about life insurance, please refer to the insurance info booklet on "Life Insurance", available at all MCIS branches or you can obtain a copy from fundsupermart or visit www.insuranceinfo.com.my.

How to apply

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  Buy Now

You are required to log in to buy IKHTIARI.


  1. Fill up the application form online and answer some medical questionnaires.
  2. Fundsupermart will email the application form (filled) and credit/debit card form to you.
  3. You need to reply with the signed application and credit/debit card forms.
  4. Fundsupermart will forward application to MCIS Insurance.
  5. MCIS Insurance issues e-certificate to you once the policy is approved.
  6. Fundsupermart will also upload the e-certificate under the client's holding.

  Contact Us

For enquiries on IKHTIARI, please call our hotline or email us:

03-21490567 (KL)/04-6401567 (PG) / clienthelp.my@fundsupermart.com

  Send an enquiry online

Claim Process

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  How to submit a claim?

  1. Contact us immediately if claim events arise.
  2. Fundsupermart will advise you the necessary form to fill.
  3. Submit the completed form and supporting documents to us.
  4. Fundsupermart will follow up your claim and inform you the outcome as soon as possible.

  MCIS claim procedure

In the event of a claim, FSM will follow the procedure stated below:

  1. Written notice of any pending claim must be given to the Company at its Head Office or any Branch Office within the Notice period stated in the Policy or a written explanation given why it was reasonably not possible to do so.
  2. A claim form will be issued, where all the required information and documents to process the claim will be stated.
  3. Complete the claim form in utmost good faith and return to the Company with the supporting documents. Do not make false or exaggerated claims.
  4. Claim must be supported by original bills and receipts.
  5. Upon receiving the discharge form / voucher, please sign and return the same to the Company for the claim payment to be made.
  6. In the event of dispute, you may submit a written appeal to the Company or if the claim is rejected you may refer the matter to the Ombudsman of Financial Services (Formerly known as Financial Mediation Bureau), Level 14, Main Block, Menara Takaful Malaysia, No. 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-2272 2811 Fax: 03-2272 1577 for claims below RM100,000.
General Disclaimer:

The product information generated on FSM Insurance are intended for your general information only and it is NOT a contract of insurance. You may get more details from the Product Brochure and sales/benefit illustration (if any). You are also advised to read the full details stated in the product disclosure sheet and policy contract thoroughly.