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How FSM calculate our UT cost after some buy and sell.
plaintalk 21-10-2016, 07:33:09 PM

Joined Date: 21-10-2016
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Say I have bought Fund X RM1000 at 0.50 and got 2000 units.

Later price go up to 0.55
i sell 1000 units and cash out RM550.

I thought my cost for remaining 1000 units in FSM would be
RM450, Is this correct?

FSM shows slightly different figure as cost of remaining units there?
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oracle 25-10-2016, 12:05:34 PM

Joined Date: 27-01-2013
Posts: 181 times

It got deduction sales charge when you new purchase unit trust fund, eg. 2.12%.
when sold the unit trust fund, system will update few days later so NAV will be vary accordingly during the day,

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