01. How do I open an Investment account?
02. Can I open a beneficiary account and how many beneficiary accounts can I have?
03. Why do i keep getting the pop up message "Error in page"?
04. Are there any charges involved to open an account?
05. What kind of charges do I have to pay?
06. What are the payment procedures for cash investments?
07. How do I sell?
08. Does Fundsupermart.com send out statements for my investments?
09. How safe is my cash investment and in whose name will the investment be registered in?
10. What is the RHB Cash Management Fund 2?
Choose a FAQ
01.Getting Started
02. New Account Benefit
03. Buying Funds
04. Payment Methods
05. Selling Funds
06. Credit System
07. RHB Cash Management Fund 2
08. Regular Savings Plan
09. Charges, Calculations, Income Distribution
10. EPF Account 1
11. Bond Fund Platform Fee
12. FSM Referral Programme
13. Deceased Account
14. FSM Rewards Programme
15. Guide to EPF Forms
16. Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)
17. Security and Safety
18. Switching of Funds
19. Transferring of Funds
20. Void Orders & Cooling Off Right
21. Troubleshooting and Enquiries
22. Other Important Information
23. Glossary
01. When will my buy orders be transacted?
02. When will I know about the buying price I get?
03.How do I invest with my EPF Account 1?
04. How do I pay by Internet Bill Payment?
05. How do I invest in unit trust by using EPF Account 1 through Fundsupermart?
06. When will my sell orders be transacted?
07. How do I switch?
08. What charges will I have to pay for a Switch order?
09. How do I purchase the Cash Management Fund using cash?
01. Are the transactions secured?
02. How do I update the details in my Investment Account?
03. How do I find out about the sale charges of the each funds at Fundsupermart?
04. How does Fundsupermart.com distribute dividends from funds?
05. How can I view my holdings?
06. What happens after I buy and where do I view my monthly statements?
07. How do I calculate the amount of units? (Bid/NAV Priced Funds)
08. Does Fundsupermart send out physical statements for my investments? What if all of Fundsupermart's records get wiped out? Will records of my investments be gone?
09. Having problems with account login?
10. What is an EPF Account 1 Basic Savings amount requirement?
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