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Recommended Unit Trusts 2018/19 Seminar: Malaysia’s Equities - Opportunities and Challenges by Eastspring Investments

Yvonne Tan, Chief Investment Officer, Equities of Eastspring Investments Berhad, shares her views on Malaysia's equities with Fundsupermart.

1. With a new government in power, what is the outlook for Malaysia equity market for the remaining of 2018? What kind of returns can an investor expect?
According to Yvonne, they are waiting for August 2018 for the 100-days report card and the upcoming 2019 Budget which will give a clearer picture on the economy moving forward. She is hopeful that with a clearer picture, sentiment will be better in the 2H 2018.

2. Have there been any particular sectors which have outperformed or underperformed for the first half of 2018? Why?
In the first half of 2018, only the consumer sector outshined the rest of the sectors, recording close to 13% return. Consumption is strong and is expected to continue to be strong.

3. In your view, which sectors are likely to emerge as the top performing sectors for the remaining 2018?
In the short-term, she thinks sectors that have been sold down pretty badly to have a technical rebound, and she is hopeful that a clearer picture on the trade war will help the exports and technology sectors.

4. What is your view on local small cap segment? Do you think small cap segment is a better investment opportunity at this point of time as compared to the big cap segment? Why?
YTD 2018, small cap segment has corrected almost 13% while the large cap segment just corrected a marginal 1-2%. Comparable to the large caps, only selective stocks in small caps look quite attractive.

5. What is the most significant local economic/market risk that is on the top of your radar?
She sees two major risks that she is monitoring closely. The first is the trade war between the US and China. On the local front, the second risk is with regards to the policies. Under the new government, there are some policies uncertainties. She hopes there would be a clearer picture on the policies and how will these policies impact the corporate earnings, etc.

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Broadcast Date : 09 August 2018
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Programme : Recommended Unit Trusts 2018/19 Seminar: Malaysia’s Equities - Opportunities and Challenges by Eastspring Investments
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