See What Investors Say About FSM  
See What Investors Say About FSM January 25, 2011
Investors Say
Author : FSM

See What Investors Say About FSM

“Prior to FSM, I had to rely on my mutual trust agent to tell me what the new investment opportunities and market outlook are. So, what I get at the end of the day is only as good as what my agent says. But since early 2009, I have been empowered! A wealth of reports and insights are being made available to layman like me. This lets me make informed decisions and CHART MY OWN FINANCIAL FUTURE. The ease of use of the online platform also means that I can decide precisely when I want to rebalance my portfolio. This is a far cry from those days when I helplessly depend on others. I truly recommend FSM to the savvy investor out there who wants to actively be in control of their financial future, and who wants to be empowered as well, just like me!

Tong Pooi Chin, 28 years old
Professional Services

“I've been using the for 2 years now and I'm please that it has served its purpose as a valuable online platform for unit trust investments in Malaysia. I've been investing in unit trust for almost 10 years now and from my experience, the biggest headaches encountered in this investment are its hefty fee charges, dealing with multiple agents from different fund houses and difficulties in performing transactions through agents. has changed the unit trust investment landscape by introducing low sales charge, ease of doing transactions online and sufficient investment choices from multiple fund houses. In addition, the website provides valuable research insights, interviews, forum and tools for investors perusal. It's a comprehensive, one-stop center for unit trust investors. There are none like it in Malaysia and I'm glad to introduce to my fellow investors.

Tan Kok Meng, 33 years old
Research & Development

“What I love about FSM is its genuine customer service towards building a long term relationship with us, which I can truly feel it from their actions. To cite an example is once I didn't receive my FSM magazines for two issues consecutively, unclear of what is the cause for that, I voiced out my concerns and doubts to them, and they were willing to resend those two issues of magazines to me without any hesitation. After that only I found out from my family that those materials had been delivered to my hometown address instead of my current mailing address. Anyhow I must say that FSM customer service is at its top quality from its follow up actions and sincere listening and anticipation to the clients' needs. Hopefully FSM will continue maintaining a supportive team of customer service for years to come.

Cindy How,
27 years old

“It took me over a year to open an account. Then another to place some money in a cash management account. Luckily for me, the Live Help chat button featured patient and friendly FSM team members to answer my many questions and to guide me along the way. Turns out the entire process were easy breezy, I only wish I'd done it earlier. I'm now on my way to investing and growing my wealth.

Sujartha A/P Kumarasamy,
33 years old

“Account opening, researching, investing and monitoring can all be easily executed from home 24/7. FSM is also wallet-friendly - its sales charges are very much less than market average. Besides, the periodic FSM magazines do enhance knowledge on unit trust investment in general; did I tell you that the magazines are delivered to your doorstep for FREE! Happy fund hunting!

Chow Wai Kean, 29 years old

“For me, FSM service is great and fast! Why I say so? Before I found FSM, I never invest in conventional unit trust because I think that the service charge is high while the return is not guarantee. Actually I have been noticed this website for more than 1 years and since 2009; before it entered Malaysia market. I like the concept of discounted service charge for investing in unit trust and found out FSM is authorize by Securities Commission. I quickly filled in the application form and register according to instruction. FSM website is very user-friendly and the instruction is very clear. However I still hesitate to put my money in. This is because I am very cautious on investing online. This is a new model that most of the Malaysian unit trust investors never experienced before. However, I always login to FSM website to read and look for recommended fund. FSM send me the FSM magazine and I found that it was very informative. The online response is also fast and customer service is great. I would like to apply Pay Yourself First concept by put aside of my salary into investing account. I noticed that FSM RSP and fulfill my need. Therefore I check for the cost of auto debit and it was FOC. Besides it is very convenient to subscript and finally I made up my mind to subscript for the RSP plan. I keep promoting the website to others and tell them this is such a great alternative. However, sadly to say that most of my friends still can't accept the invest unit trust online without agent. For conclusion, FSM is very convenient and cost-effective for unit trust investor. It also gain my trust due to the excellent service.

Tan Yueh Lun, 25 years old
Education/ Training

“I am in control ever since I came to know of FSM. I can trade anywhere i go as long there is connection. The people are polite and helpful. The fund sales charges are indeed low and even better than what my Bank can offer. I have stopped investing with others and will gradually increase my investment and widen my portfolio. I intend to introduce FSM to my circle of friends and relatives who always have negative perception with Unit Trust investing.

Teh Chin Joo, 57 years old

“I first discovered Fundsupermart last year in August 2009. It really taught a newbie investor like me the basics of investing in unit trusts and educated me the different types of trusts. I found the layout user friendly and the customer service excellent. They are always there to attend to your need. The online platform for this site is great as it allows me to access my account at virtually anytime. Needless to say the investment options and range of fund offered is also extensive. Ultimately it’s the ease of access and service that determines a great site. I am proud to be an account holder of this site as it has served me well over the last year. It’s quarterly, now biannually publication of it magazine is also an added bonus. Although the commission charged on the fund is which is still low compared to others, I feel that the company has done well in offering reduced commission for selected funds during certain periods. Keep up the great work and long may this site continue, and make its presence felt in the Malaysian community.

Dr. Kevin Ooi, 28 years old
Professional Services