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Idea of the Week: A Quick Guide To Using FSM Website For New Investors [10 Feb 2012] February 10, 2012
In this week's Idea of the Week, we provide a quick guide for new investors to navigate their way around the Fundsupermart.com website.
Author : Fundsupermart.com

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In this week's Idea of the Week, we provide a quick guide for new investors to navigate their way around the Fundsupermart.com website.

  1. getting started
    For investors who are new to Fundsupermart.com, the Getting Started webpage is a good starting point. We have a School section which investors can not only know about the basics of investing in unit trusts, but they can also find out more about themselves such as their risk profile, financial capabilities and their goals. There is also a comparison between Fundsupermart.com against other channels such as banks, agents and retail platforms for investors who are curious to know how Fundsupermart.com fares against its competition.

  2. why fundsupermart.com?
    New investors can get to know all about the funds and services that Fundsupermart.com carries and provides, sales charges of funds and even a background about Fundsupermart.com via this webpage.

  3. Funds info and tools
    Funds Selector, Chart Center, Fund Returns and Fund Prices are tools available to ease investors in getting up-to-date fund information. Investors can compare the performances of funds on our platform, obtain daily fund prices as well as derive the returns of funds according to a specified period of their choice. In fact, investors can even download our FSM Mobile iPhone app and get to know all the fund houses that are on board our platform via this webpage.

  4. recommended Funds
    For new investors who are looking to invest in funds but have no idea which funds to invest in, they can read our Recommended Unit Trusts Report, which are analysed and selected by our Research Team annually based on our fund selection methodology. Each recommended fund is accompanied with a short reasoning to justify our selection.

  5. online demo
    View our online demonstration to kick start your online investment via our Fundsupermart.com platform.

  6. Client Investment Specialists: Here To Serve You
    For new investors who still have doubts about using our Fundsupermart.com website or need some investment ideas, they can contact our Client Investment Specialists (CIS) at 03-2149 0567 or email them at investhelp.my@fundsupermart.com.

Exclusive benefits for new investors

Fundsupermart.com is now rewarding new account holders with exclusive benefits when they open an account with us. For a period of 30 calendar days upon account activation, new investors can purchase any unit trust at a sales charge capped at a maximum of 1%. Also, for new investors who register for a Regular Savings Plan (RSP), the sales charge is also capped at 1% for the first six monthly deductions. Both these benefits are applicable to unlimited purchases of any unit trust. For more information on these benefits, click here.

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