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Idea of the Week: Why You Must Come To FSM Know-How Workshops [24 Feb 2012] February 24, 2012
Our first FSM Know-How Workshop will be conducted on 3 March 2012 (KL) and 10 March 2012 (Penang). Find out why you need to come!
Author : Fundsupermart.com

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At Fundsupermart.com, we believe in helping investors around the world invest globally and profitably. We have always maintained that investors should focus on the valuations and fundamentals of investments and take a medium- to long-term investment horizon. We advocate value investing, by seeking for relatively undervalued asset classes and markets that we believe will deliver strong returns over a longer period of time. In fact, for this year 2012, we have presented our key investment themes and market outlook at the beginning of the year. Some of our Research team's views are:

  • Overweight on equities
  • Maintaining a preference for Emerging Markets equities
  • Downgrading European equities
  • Having an overweight on China and an underweight on Indonesia
  • Gold in bubble territory, to avoid
  • Underweight developed sovereign bonds
  • Fixed income is still necessary for asset class diversification

That being said, investors may find difficulties in understanding our views and recommendations and even some of the articles on our website. In fact, even the act of investing in unit trusts via an online platform is a pretty new experience to investors. If this is you, and if you prefer face-to-face interaction instead of staring at the computer screen, come and talk to the team behind Fundsupermart.com!

The fsm know-how Series of workshops

For the first time ever, Fundsupermart.com is conducting a series of Know-How Workshops. These workshops will cover a market update by a fund house speaker, an investment planning course presented by our research team and a session on how to use our website, online tools and services by our Client Investment Specialists (CIS). Our research team will cover topics which include different types of unit trusts, net asset value (NAV) and forward pricing, how to gauge returns and volatility using Sharpe ratio and Risk-Return Ratio as well as comparing and analysing the performance of unit trusts.

We will provide a few laptops for investors to navigate and get a feel of our website during the interactive walkthrough session of Fundsupermart.com website. We believe that these Know-How Workshops will be able to create a "wholesome" experience for investors as we cover various topics, catering to different groups of investors.

Our first FSM Know-How Workshop will be conducted on 3 March 2012 (Kuala Lumpur) and 10 March 2012 (Penang), both on Saturdays and at 10:30am till 1:40pm in our respective offices. Registration is free and on a first-come, first-served basis only. For more information, click here.

Hope to see you there!

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