Cash Management Fund

Net Interest Rates as at June 22, 2018 5:05:34 PM
Name Rate Date Net Interest Rate Remarks
Cash Management Fund June 21, 2018 3.442%* Rate based on the annualized interest rate – 0.40%
Note: The rate shown above is based on average rates over the last 10 business days.
The net interest rate refers to the rate you will enjoy on your FSM Cash Management Fund.
About Cash Management Fund
The Cash Management Fund is a money market/ income fund exclusive to Fundsupermart. It provides a high level of liquidity to customers, while providing reasonable returns. Investing in the Cash Management Fund is easy as it only requires a minimum investment of RM500 and there is no lock-in period needed.

The fund is professionally handled by a Fund Manager. Monies from investors are consolidated into the fund and the Fund Manager places the monies in Malaysian Ringgit fixed deposits with financial institutions in the country.

Do note that although there is an expense ratio for this fund, it is capped at 0.40%.

The Cash Management Fund’s Net Interest Rate*

The 'net interest rate' of the Cash Management Fund is derived from the underlying deposits which the fund invests in and also after deducting an expense ratio of not more than 0.40%.

The interest rate will be reflected from the changes in the fund’s daily unit price or net asset value. The daily unit price of the fund will depend on the interest rates offered by the various underlying bank deposits that the fund invests into.

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