SC Licensed Dealer In Unit Trust And Private Retirement Scheme, And Investment Adviser; Approved Financial Adviser By BNM
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This is where you select the funds you intend to invest in. You can complete your buy orders in 3 easy steps. You may select to pay by cheque, or use the funds available in your EPF Account.

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Profit LOSS Snapshot (RM)
The "View Holdings Table" shows the profit and loss of your current portfolio and the "Profit and Loss Snapshot" table illustrates your investment profit and loss since you started investing with, in terms of money inflows and outflows.

Absolute Funds Performance
The "Absolute Funds Performance" table shows the absolute historical return of the funds in your portfolio over different time periods.

Monthly Statement allows you to view your Investment statements as the the end of each month.

You are able to view your statements up to 12 months ago.

To instruct us to pay redemption proceeds and/or cash account withdrawals to your account, please do the following:

  • Cheque
  • Internet Payment
  • EPF Account 1 

Cash Management Fund Quick Facts:

Introduction Date: 4 September 2008
  1. Min Initial/ Subsequent Investment: RM500
  2. Minimum Holding: 500 units
  3. Minimum Redemption: RM100
  4. Minimum RSP Amount: RM100
  5. Fees: Zero sales charge; expense ratio of not more than 0.40% p.a.